Birthday parties to remember!

If you want to celebrate a birthday to remember, Museum of Illusions is the right place to go.

Museum of illusions offers attractive and amusing deceptions through unique visual, sensory and educational experiences for you and your guests. You can take great photos in our incredible exhibition space, so that your special day will be remembered for a long time to come. The museum also offers educational games and souvenirs for all ages, allowing you to relive the experience first-hand even after your visit – the perfect birthday present!

We now offer some of our birthday packages in cooperation with the Barefood Deli directly opposite the museum: After your visit, you will have the exclusive Living Room all to yourself and can fill your bellies with pizza, pasta or cake, for example.

Please, make reservations for your birthday party at least fourteen (14) days in advance as visits are planned according to bookings and other museum activities.


For the overview of our birthday packages please switch to German.
We offer our birthday packages mainly in German language. If an English-language tour is preferred, please contact us by mail at